Does God Care About my Mental Health?



God cares about every single aspect of our lives. Nothing is too little or too large to bring before Him. In these times where people are increasingly finding themselves isolated, thoughts of self-hate, depression, anxiety, etc., may start to creep in. You may wonder why this is even a topic amongst Christians. After all, once you become born again, shouldn’t all your worries, fears, etc., dissipate immediately? We all know this is not the case. The thing that should change immediately, however, is our response to what life throws at us. Christ promised that weapons fashioned against us shall not prosper (Isaiah 54:17). This includes depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. Note that these weapons MAY be formed, but because we are in Him, they shall never prosper.

The sad truth is, suicide is one of the leading causes of death among people across demographics. Every day, an average of more than 10 Canadians die by suicide.  This happens so often, therefore, the church should speak more on these issues. Christ gives us hope. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow, and every single day is worth it. If you are having a hard time wrapping your head around this post so far, think of it this way. We talk about how to reduce the risks of contracting physical diseases in the church more often than we talk about illnesses of the mind. Both are extremely deadly. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada, suicide is the 9th.



Good question! Let’s look at what the scriptures say about mental illness. Did you know that David struggled with depression or crippling sorrow? Psalm 61:1-2 (ERV) says,

God, hear my cry for help.

Listen to my prayer.

2  From a faraway land I call to you for help.

I feel so weak and helpless!

Carry me to a high rock, where no one can reach me.

Psalm 69: 2-3 (CEV) reads,

2 I am sinking deep in the mud,

    and my feet are slipping.

    I am about to be swept under by a mighty flood.

3 I am worn out from crying,

    and my throat is dry.

    I have waited for you till my eyes are blurred.

A lesson we can learn from this is that David brought His worries, and heartache to God. What an advantage we have as Christians! We serve a God we can talk to when we feel depressed, anxious, or weary. Whether these feelings are a consequence of sin, or just feeling under the weather, God wants you to come to Him with them. Be vulnerable with your Heavenly Father. After all, why would He give us the Holy Spirit as a comforter (John 14:26) if we don’t need comforting? Even better, He will give you a solution that frees you from these shackles. This looks different for various individuals, but we can talk about that in a later blog post.

I’m struggling with mental illness, what do I do?

First of all, you are not alone. You are not weak or sinning for feeling the way you do but know that God is here for you! God accepts you just the way you are, but He makes you better, stronger, wiser, when you let Him (1 Peter 5:6-7). Jesus is the solution to every issue that we have. There is nothing wrong with being in therapy. Of course, God could miraculously heal you of depression or any other mental illness, but He could also use your therapist. God is the one who created and set these things in place for His children. It’s like medicine/doctors. There are so many testimonies of God miraculously healing people of diseases, but the fact that people go through chemotherapy, for example, or use pills for their illnesses is a testimony of God’s goodness too! The fact that you used a prescription from your doctor does not mean God has nothing to do with it or that you went against His word or that you don’t have enough faith. The woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus and she was healed miraculously. Sometimes, Jesus used words (Mark 3:1-6; Mark 2:1-12). Another time Jesus made a paste and put it over a blind man’s eyes (John 9:1-12). God works in so many ways. Sometimes it’s through physical things we can see, and other times it’s not. And that’s okay. The main thing is being in tune with the Holy Spirit, allow Him to lead you in the right direction. Finally, feel free to contact us on or for support. Don’t forget, Jesus loves you. See Isaiah 41:10.


Canada Suicide Prevention Service: Call 1-833-456-4566 anytime.

Crisis Text Line: Text TALK to 686868 for English or TEXTO to 686868 for French, anytime.

Pearl Irabor


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